Chlorinated polyethylene(CPE)

Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE-135A is a plastic rigid product modifier to achieve better plastification and anti-agglomeration performance. However, Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE-135A is no longer suitable for soft products and rubber application. Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE-235 is a special type for flame-retardant ABS products, suitable for injection molded products with fame retardancy. Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE-235 has superior fusion flowability and is able to increase impact resistance of the ABS products, while enhancing its flame retardancy.
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CPE 135A
Impact Modifier 135A for PVC application. Specifications Appearance: white powder Other Names: CPE 135A H.S. Code:3901909000 MF: [CH2-CHCl-CH2-CH2]n CAS NO.: 064754-90-1 Purity: 99.9% Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Weipren Grade: 135A
Chlorinated polyethylene CPE 135
Chlorinated polyethylene CPE,Packing: Powder 25 KG in valve pocket or 500 KG in bag packaging, also can supply according to customer’s requirements.
Impact modifier CPE135A Chlorinated Polyethylene
Impact modifier CPE135A Chlorinated Polyethylene,Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details: 25kg/bags,polywoven bags Delivery Detail: 5-7days
Chlorinated polyethylene CPE 135A
Chlorinated polyethylene CPE 135A.Packaging Details: PP bags of 25kg, 500kg and 1 ton. One 20FCL: 25kg bags, 14 tons with pallets(1.4t/pallet), 17 tons without pallets
chlorinated polyethylene cpe 135a PVC impact modifier
chlorinated polyethylene 1. High impact resistance. 2. Widely used in plastics. 3. World largest production capacity. chlorinated polyethylene
CPE-135A is a chlorinated polyethylene resin in white powder form. This resin, as impact modifier, has excellent multiple physical properties and good compatibility with PVC. In the right processing condition
impact modifier chlorinated polyethylene CPE135a for wpc
CPE(Chlorinated Polyethylene) 135 PVC shock resistance modifier 1.non-toxic,odorless white powder 2.Polymer compounds,polywoven bag
Cpe 135A
Environment friendly rubber and plastic raw material chlorinated polyethylene cpe 135a,Packing: Woven bag; 25kg per bag (Net Weight)
Chlorinated polyethylene CPE 135a for pvc pipe cutters
Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) is a kind of white granular elastomer, which is which is made from polyethylene and chlorine gas when they have replace-reaction in the condition of solicitation.
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